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Kids Program

Free treats and coffee (for adults) will be provided by our friends at The Able Baker!


Clinton Elementary School short films 


Hedgehug Writer/Director: Dan Pinto 

A lonely hedgehog searches for someone to love.

Fresh Guacamole.jpg

Fresh Guacamole - Written and Directed by PES
You'll never guess what unique ingredients go into this guac.

Wishful Whiskers_Still 1.png

Wishful Whiskers - Writer and Director Pulkit Datta
For little Ella, tagging along with her dad to his business lunch is no fun. That is, until she notices something. Her dad's business partner has a fluffy white mustache, which wiggles when he eats. It's fascinating. Suddenly, everyone else has a mustache too! Why doesn't she have one? Her mission is clear: she must get her own mustache, and it must be better than what everyone else has.


Lynx and Birds - Directed by: Francesco Mazza & Simone Giampaolo
Producer: Tom Box
A timely tale of love triumphing over fear.

Sniffles 01.jpg

Sniffles - Directed by Jeremy Galante and David Cowles
A comic strip dog travels around the world to track down his runaway nose.


Storybots - I'm A Star - Directors: Evan Spiridellis, Gregg Spiridellis (New Jersey Natives)
This out-of-this-world music video doesn't just have one star. It has billions of them!

Bat Time.png

Bat Time - Written and Directed by Elena Walf
When night dawns on the farm a little bat wants somebody to keep its company.

Playing with Food.png

Playing with Food - Director: Soohyun Kim (Ringling College of Art and Design)
A hungry fox prepares a TV Dinner, but instead of a tasty ready-to-eat meal he gets a surprise!

We Say Night Night.png

We Say Night Night - Writer & Producer - Mason Rather (FORMER MAPLEWOOD RESIDENT)
Soapy water, warm pajamas, brush your teeth, story time, it's time to say night night! Listen to this song as you get ready for bed!

Submarine Sandwich.jpg

Submarine Sandwich - Written and Directed by PES
How about a little baseball mitt and football with your sandwich?

Red and Fiona.jpg

Red and Fiona Plant a Garden - Director: Justin Simonich (LOCAL FILMMAKER)
Come along with two adorable little monsters, Red and Fiona, as they plant a garden together!

The Birdie.jpg

The Birdie - Director: Ekaterina Filippova
Once the birdie met a hippo, they became friends and have built a lovely house together.

The Music Box.jpg

The Music Box - Director: Jennifer Oxley, Nicholas Oxley
A Little Girl comes up with a creative solution for opening an antique box.


An Object at Rest - Director: Seth Boyden
An Object at Rest follows the life of a stone as it travels over the course of millennia, facing nature's greatest obstacle: human civilization.


Storybots - We Are the Planets - Directors: Evan Spiridellis, Gregg Spiridellis (New Jersey Natives)
Let the StoryBots DJ "revolve" it with sweet beats as the rapping sun and planets give you their spin on the whole solar system.

mr night.jpg

Mr. Night Has A Day Off - Filmmaker: Ignas Meilunas

Earlier Event: March 17
Lonely Kingdom
Later Event: March 17
Altered Minds