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Seton Hall University Program

GROOVY MOVIES / (Visual and Sound Media Dept.) / Promo Video / 2:05 - College of
Communication and The Arts students create groovy movies and TV shows and
documentaries and…

2017 NYC NOSTALGIA TRAIN / (Director: Kevin Phalon, SHU 2017) / Documentary
Short / 3:51 - Produced for and narrated by the voice of the NYC
Subway, this video gives viewers an inside look at a real, working, 1930s Subway in
New York City.

PARALLEL / (Director: Kelly Kopec, SHU 2019) / Horror Short / 7:20 - After overworking
to the point of a mental breakdown, a young college student finds himself face-to face
with his inner demons. 

FROM BALLERINA TO BODYBUILDER / (Erika Szumel, SHU 2018) / Documentary Short
/ 5:15 - Sydney Hiserodt overcame two eating disorders to lead the body-positive
lifestyle she lives today.

PLEASE DON’T PUSH THE RED BUTTON / (Director: Angie Loveday, 2018) Suspense
Short / 2:00 - An unsuspecting student discovers a mysterious button that piques his

1st GENERATION COLLEGE STUDENTS / (Director: Schania Anderson, 2018)
Documentary Short / 5:18 - Two college students share the experiences and challenges
they face as first generation college students -- the first person in their families to go to

HUNGRY MAN EATS PIZZA / (Director: Carlos Velazquez, SHU 2018) / Narrative?
Documentary? Definitely Short. / 1:15 - A starved wanderer makes his acquaintance
with a classic culinary selection.

THIRD PARTY WITNESS / (Director: Bill Pace, Crew: Digital Cinema 3 Fall ’17: Richard
Boytis, Shu 2019; Kelly Kopec, SHU 2019; Angie Loveday, SHU 2018; Masood Mohayya,
SHU 2019; Valerie Qiu Wen Ong, SHU 2019, Andrw Procter, SHU 2019; Charlotte
Slocum, SHU 2019; Carlos Velazquez, SHU 2018) Dramatic Narrative Short / 11:15 –
Two young lawyers who used to be a couple with a past meet once again on opposing
sides of a deposition.

EIES OF NEW JERSEY / (Director: Ingrid Stobbe, Crew: Field 1 Fall ’17: Taylor
Richardson-Martin, SHU 2019; Ryan Patti, SHU 2018; Jill Yarnzbowicz, SHU 2019; Sarah
Yenesel, SHU 2019; James Justice, SHU 2019; Christopher Famularo, SHU 2019) / 5:35 - This video explores the inner workings and mission of the non-profit EIES of New

RIOT / (Director Kevin McLaughlin, SHU 1980) / Trailer / 2:39 - The trailer for a
feature-length documentary that traces the trail of heartbreak from the 1967 riots to
modern-day Newark, NJ. For more info, visit the film's website:  

THE LIFE OF A REVEREND / (Director, Alecia Mobley, 2018) / Documentary Short / 3:12
- A personal account of the life and responsibilities of a reverend.

SKIN AND BONES / (Director: Erin Neupauer, SHU 2020) / Narrative Drama Short /
4:26 -- A young woman struggles with an eating disorder and the anxiety that plagues
her, until something changes her perspective on it all.

UNPRESIDENTED / (Director: Jay Giampietro, SHU 1997) Political Comedy Short / 14:29
- A New Yorker who predicted Trump would win the 2016 election, didn’t predict the
people in his life would be displeased with him.

NON-TRADITIONAL STUDENT / (Director: Jillian Yarznbowicz, 2019) / Documentary
Short / 3:55 - A group of students with unique circumstances explain the need for a
support group for those taking untraditional routes in their academic careers. 

SURVEILLANCE / (Director: Renee Nunez, 2021) / Thriller Short / 5:39 – A young man
discovers the pervasive reach of technology when he is watched from afar by using his
personal devices.

EVOLVINK / (Director: Sarah Yenesel, 2019) / Documentary Short / 3:00 - Mike and Pop
from Morristown’s EvolvInk tattoo shop explain the artistry behind tattoos and their
work creating them.

EASY MONEY / (Director: David McMillan, 2013) / Dark Comedy Narrative Short / 4:48 -
Two petty crooks think they've landed the score of a lifetime, until personal issues get
in the way.

SEA TURTLE RECOVERY / (Director: Elizabeth Swinton, SHU 2018) / Non-Fiction Short /
5:04 – A profile of the only sea turtle rehabilitation center in New Jersey and its two
creators as they care for an endangered species.

NO CLUE / (Director: Kevin Phalon, SHU 2017) / Comedic Narrative Short / 6:29 - A
rookie shoplifter gets a masterclass in his craft by an expert in stealing.

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